This blog is dedicated to the memory of George, our family’s yellow labrador retriever, who departed this world on May 30, 2017 after a wonderful 12 year run.  George was a constant reminder to me of our collective need to take time to live in the present and appreciate the natural world we live in.  With this blog I hope to do just that -take time out of my real job (the law) to explore issues of importance to me – science and technology and their intersection with our politics, as well as the occasional trending topic that may be of interest to critical thinkers of various political views and life experiences.  This blog is not meant to be a dissection of the current political situation in our nation’s capital, although I have no doubt my views on some of our current (and past) leaders will become evident over time.  What I really hope to do is generate robust, critical discussion about the many complex issues facing our world in the 21st century.  If I do that, then perhaps I’ll have earned my dog’s praise.  George!